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Our dental crowns leave you with a long-lasting, robust solution and a natural-looking smile.


Restore Your Damaged Tooth With A Dental Crown

Dental crowns are protective caps placed over damaged or weakened teeth. They are made of strong materials like porcelain, ceramic, or metal and are custom-made to fit the tooth perfectly.

Dental crowns restore the tooth's strength, shape, and appearance and are custom-made to fit securely over the tooth, improving its function and aesthetics while providing long-lasting protection against further damage.


Why Dental Crowns Are So Versatile


Dental Crown Fitting At VICI Dental

After your consultation with your dentist at VICI Dental they will prepare the tooth for the crown by removing any decay or damage, and reshape it to accommodate the crown.

Scans are then taken to ensure an accurate fit. These Scans are then sent to our state-of-the-art lab who will fabricate the crown ensuring it as close a match in colour to your natural teeth as possible. While the crown is being prepared by the dental lab a temporary crown will be fitted to protect your tooth until your final dental crown is ready.

During a subsequent appointment, your dental crown will be fitted and adjusted for comfort and bite alignment. Once this process is completed your dental crown will be permanently bonded into place using dental cement. Your dental crown not only restores your tooth's function and aesthetic but also provides long-term durability and protection.


The Benefits Of Dental Crowns

Dental Crowns FAQs

Dental crown treatment is recommended to restore teeth that are significantly decayed, cracked, weakened, or misshapen. They can also be used to cover dental implants or support dental bridges.

Dental crowns can be made from various materials, including porcelain, ceramic, metal alloys, or a combination of these materials. Your dentist at VICI Dental will recommend the most suitable option based on your specific needs and preferences.

Your dental crown can be closely matched to the colour of your natural teeth. We ensure that our state-of-the-art dental lab use the best quality materials to ensure your crown is as close in shade to your natural teeth as possible.

No. A dental crown is merely a shell that fits over your existing tooth in order to protect it from all the irritants in your mouth that can cause decay and also the potential of a fracture. Whether the tooth then becomes decayed in future is dependent on your susceptibility to tooth decay.

With proper care and maintenance, dental crowns can last for many years, often a decade or more. However, their lifespan can vary depending on factors such as oral hygiene practices, regular dental check-ups, and habits like teeth grinding.

Unlike natural teeth, dental crowns cannot be whitened with traditional teeth whitening treatments. However, if your crown becomes discoloured over time, your dentist at VICI Dental may be able to polish or replace it to restore its appearance.


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