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Restore The Structure
Of Teeth

Onlays are another method of filling a tooth that is damaged by trauma or tooth decay. The difference between these and a filling is that fillings are completed using layers of composite resin – as a conservative and aesthetic measure.

In contrast, onlays are custom made restorations from a lab that are cemented to the tooth for strength and stability, much like a crown.


What is the difference between onlays and crowns?

A crown is a strong, protective “covering” which covers all visible surfaces of the tooth. In contrast, an onlay will sit inside and atop the tooth to include some of the biting surface. Both are made in a dental laboratory for precision fit and strength.

What are onlays made of?

The materials used will depend on the state of your natural tooth, signs of wear, and your teeth’ strength. They can be made of tooth coloured porcelain or hard-wearing composite resin for aesthetics, or they can be made from gold or zirconia for added strength. The material used will be discussed, and all available options will be given at your initial consultation appointment.


What are the advantages of this treatment?

We believe in delivering ethical dentistry to all. This treatment is a happy medium between having a filling and a crown. This “in-between” stage means that we can preserve as much healthy tooth structure as possible.


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The best option to protect your teeth for a long time is onlays dental fillings. Compared to other filling methods, they are more durable and resistant to breakage and are quite safe. However, a proper oral care will extend the life of these fillings. With a regular oral care, you can use ceramic fillings painlessly and safely for a lifetime.


Dental Onlays FAQs

  • The material used, whether you choose gold or porcelain, is extremely hard-wearing
  • With the correct oral care, they will last for years, with greater longevity than a standard filling
  • They are created by skilled dental laboratories bespoke to your teeth
  • Offers a great solution if you have recurring broken fillings

You’ll need to look after your inlays or onlays just like you would your regular teeth. So by brushing twice daily, flossing once a day, and maintaining regular checks with your dentist and hygienist. Your dentist may also advise you avoid certain foods when your temporary filling is in place so as not to dislodge it before your permanent prosthetic arrives.

It’s hard to give an exact number, but inlays and onlays are strong and durable, and known to last for many years. Unlike traditional metal-made fillings, inlays and onlays can actually strengthen the teeth. Longevity will depend on things like the condition of the tooth, the nerve quality inside the tooth, and the patient’s general oral health.


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