Tooth Extraction

Tooth removal will be your best option if a tooth is badly damaged and beyond repair. Or in the case of overcrowding. Visit our Hertford practice for pain-free tooth extractions and options to close the gap.


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The removal of wisdom teeth (or third molars) is one of the most common surgical procedures carried out in the UK.

Extraction is another word for removal. Extractions are not an uncommon procedure and are needed for a variety of reasons. Your friendly dental team will guide you through the process at every stage with calmness and clarity.

If your tooth is damaged or decayed and can’t be repaired with a filling or crown first, your dentist may decide to remove (extract) the tooth as a last resort.


What can I expect at my extraction appointment?

Firstly you will be greeted and settled in our comfortable chairs. Once you are happy, we will explain everything that will follow, including any minor risks involved. If you are content to proceed, we’ll then provide a local anaesthetic to numb the area to prevent you from feeling any pain. It is normal to feel sensations such as pressure during extraction, but you will not feel anything sharp.

We will be checking your comfort levels regularly. We will stop immediately if you have any sensation other than pressure or pushing. Once the tooth has been removed, you’ll be given a gauze pack to bite on to stem any bleeding, and we will take you through instructions for aftercare.


Will I be in pain after having a tooth extracted?

Some soreness is to be expected for 2-3 days after having a tooth removed. Pain should be easily managed with over-the-counter medication from your local pharmacy. If your pain level is increasing, regular painkillers are not effective, or the pain keeps you awake at night. Please call us as soon as possible as this may be an indication of infection.

Wisdom teeth, also known as third molars, are the last teeth to erupt and are positioned at the very back of your tooth formation. They can be found on both upper and lower parts of the mouth and typically appear between your late teens and early twenties. Not all wisdom teeth become problematic, in fact most don’t. However, others who do experience wisdom tooth problems can encounter pain, infection and difficulty eating.


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Tooth Extraction Aftercare


Tooth Extraction FAQs

Your dentist may need to take out a tooth for many reasons. He or she may try to fix a damaged or broken tooth with a filling or a crown.

No. You will feel a little pressure during a tooth extraction during the procedure but no pain. Simple extractions use a local anaesthetic to manage the pain. The most you’ll feel is a prick from the needle, but this lasts a second.

More invasive extractions may involve general anaesthesia (when you’re put to sleep) or will give you medication to help you relax. For complex surgical extractions, you may get painkillers intravenously, and your surgeon or dentist may give you steroids in your IV line to help reduce any swelling and keep the pain away after the operation.

One tooth takes around 20 to 40 minutes, whereas each additional tooth will take 3-15 minutes depending on the location.

Dental extraction is no walk in the park, but the good news is it’s not as bad as you may think. There is no tooth extraction pain during the procedure, and recovery is usually smooth and allows you to eat ice cream. Just follow your dentist’s advice, take it easy, and everything will be fine.


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